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TIEMME S.r.l. offers, for over 25 years, services for the Green and the Environment providing innovative solutions to public and private clients. The quality of the services offered with professionalism and competence by our employees, in addition to continuous investments in search of better techniques and technologies, are being rewarded with a growing presence in the marketplace that sees TIEMME as protagonists on national scale of public and private works.

TIEMME S.r.l. offers integrated services in following areas: green and street furniture, natural engineering, phytoremediation and manage of the forestry landscape.
Green and Street Furniture
The study and creation of green spaces provide the study and analysis of a project tailored to the customer, that can give shapes, colors and scents for every personality and lifestyle, in order to create the taste of living in contact with nature.

Forest and Forestry Jobs
. The main objective of the forest manage is the protection and the conservation of the forestry resources, looking at the biodiversity and, in particular at: the improvement of the forestry functions in terms of nature and landscape, targeted actions at the maintenance and the development of the economic, ecological and social function of the forest with the study of a sustainable model for the woodland management, actions for the maintenance and the enhancement of forestry resources, extension of woodland, preservation, restore and development of the degraded and burnt areas.

Natural Engineering and Phytoremediation
GPhytoremediation exploits the ability of plants to absorb, filter and purify. The most obvious benefits consist of: creating natural areas of easy management and maintenance, re-use of treated water for irrigation, no problems related to odors.