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LAND, Landscape Nature Architecture Development is a group of professionals working in the field of landscape architecture, established in 1990 in Milan by Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala, where research and interdisciplinarity are at the base of the working practice.

Today the group features a team of proven experience with the innovative techno-scientific knowledge required for a high-quality service. From the open space design, and the design of green areas to the landscaping in general, LAND approach on the project has always been extensive, through a reading of the territorial scale. In 2007 LAND launches a process of territorial diffusion, establishing specialized teams. LAND Milano, LAND Roma and LAND Sardegna join KLA Kiparlandschaftsarchitekten, a practice active in Italy and Germany since 1985.

The Group guarantees assistance to its private and public Clients through a certified Quality Management System, from environmental evaluations to urban plans, from the concept to the construction and management of landscape projects.

Fields of activity:

  • Territorial Marketing Strategies: Landscape management and revaluation plans; urban master plans for the environment and landscape; territorial marketing through sustainable urban development.
  • Urban Planning: urban Green Planning; landscape planning for the administration of the territory; plans for the environmental management of new developments, large public works and new rural areas.
  • Landscape Design: Landscape preliminary design, design development, construction documentation and construction administration of public and private works, parks and gardens, urban landscape, sport areas, green roofs and walls (indoor/outdoor); rehabilitation of dumpsites, quarries, degraded and abandoned sites; environmental implementation of power plants.
  • Environmental Analysis and Evaluation: Specialized analysis for landscape and territorial sciences; studies for environmental feasibility; environmental impact studies.