TIA S.p.a.

Via Salomone, 73 - 20138 Milano
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The group TI&A was born after the war and grows up to become a leader in Italy in the 90s in the remediation of asbestos. To take on an international dimension invests in technology and professional resources thus making possible the development of innovative activities as remediation of polluted soils. The company is also involved in solar and renewable energy and environmental audits. The strong point is the organizational structure technique, which employs more than 150 specialists direct, ensuring reliability and punctuality also for large-scale contracts. The services offered are geared to meeting the needs of companies seeking a partner with great experience in which to entrust the delicate work of evaluation and elimination of environmental liabilities of its real estate.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES & ENVIRONMENTAL is able to offer audit services, planning and realistic assessments made because of who knows very well the management complexity of remediation. TI & A provides audit services and environmental design such as: Plans characterization under d. Decree 152/06; Mappings under Law 257/92; Environmental monitoring, environmental due diligence; Detailed design of environmental remediation.

Work with the most qualified international partners and holds, in addition to human and professional resources, technological know-how to intervene with specific solutions in different types of remediation. The main treatments used are:

  • Bioremediation

  • Wet Oxidation

  • Thermal Desorption

  • Deep Injection System

  • Phytoremediation

  • Treatment of dust through unità semimovente SAFECAR