Via Frassina, 21 - 54031 Carrara (MS)
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Our environmental engineering and consultancy company ambiente spa was born about 40 years ago, with the aim of creating an innovative technical structure, with a high professional profile, dedicated to engineering and multidisciplinary technical consultancy on the subject of environmental and safety at work, addressed to the world of private and public companies, and to the Public Administration.

We are nowadays a leading national company in environmental engineering and consultancy with our offices in Carrara, Florence, Milan, Rome, Taranto, Venice and with over 150 employees, organized in specialized technical personnel.

We are known and operational in the industry, energy, oil & gas, public services and large transport infrastructure markets, and we are also active in the training sector and in sustainability and innovation, with new emerging issues such as circular economy, ESG (environmental, social and governance), EU taxonomy, urban regeneration.

Specifically, we deal with environmental permits and the assessment of impacts in the industrial sector, the mitigation of impacts, the management of the environmental aspects of the construction site in the construction of infrastructures and their insertion in the territory, the studies and safety of contaminated sites and landfills, sustainability, economy, energy efficiency, evaluation and design of the best environmental solutions in the urban regeneration projects.

We constantly aim for innovation: we are dedicated to Research & Development, participating in regional, national and international calls. We provide support to companies to carry out national and international sustainability-oriented innovation and research projects.

At the international sphere, we partecipate in projects promoted by International Financial Institutions (IFI) to support development on sustainable investments of Europeans and non-Europeans countries.